031 - Gereon Krebber

Just in town for a couple of weeks Gereon made it over to my podcast studio. He arrived a bit shaken and in shock of having witnessed a car accident where a woman died. We both didn't really know how to address it but we send our love to the family and friends of the woman who died.
Then we spoke about the groupshow he organized at Fellesverkstedet for Praksis Oslo named Monumental — Temporal // The Work.
Sculpture, studio, production and all that jazz.

Check out his work at gereonkrebber


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030 - Charlotte Hagelund

Before the summer I had the pleasure to talk to Charlotte Hagelund.
Together with Jan Christensen she started the consulting platform called Hagelund/Christensen.
They are looking to find new structures and business models for visual arts that will create a healthier art industry, in which far more people be able to access and appreciate art, and where artists get the support they need to focus and evolve in what they do best; making art.
This theme of improving the lives of artists and finding different and more healthy strategies is very dear to my heart so I hope you enjoy our talk!




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029 Sveinn Fannar Jóhannsson

Sveinn's work has this urge to map, to collect, to categorize without being too much of a statement. These observation although often based in photography become installations, publications, sculptures and the likes.
We also talk about how his publishing relates to his practice and what it means to be a publisher.

Check out his work and read his books!

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028 Graham Hayward

If you ever wondered how it is to chase a dream and actually realizing it the people at Fellesverkstedet are doing just that!
I managed to snatch Graham from the amazing new facility at Seilduksgaten in Oslo. Since the building site wasn't legally fit to use for the podcast we decided to go to the current center of operation in old town (Tøyen). In the two hours that followed he talked me through much of the history and how they arrived at this exciting new junction for fellesverkstedet.

Follow their progress at http://www.fellesverskstedet.no

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027 Javier Barrios

On the day of his book launch Javier still managed to make time to come to the studio to have a conversation. Gallery Melk was the kind host of that event. Go check out his book if you have the chance. Go check out his work too! it's subtle and seductive in a generous and gentle way.



The fotos are from Javier's exhibition at Melk which accompanied the book launch.


Archival pigment print

20 x  29cm

ed 1/1 + 2ap






Oil on mylar mounted on a lightbox/ stand

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026 Lars Cuzner

Lars wants to be chosen for kulturrådets ærespris!
Go vote for him at intelligenspartiet.no/ or at www.kulturradet.no/aeresprisen.
Do it quick since the deadline is the 1st of September.

If you want to know why listen to our talk! (or vote and than listen what you voted for)

We talk about the colonization of the cultural world by the institutional elite and how the artist stands again with the shortest straw.


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025 Germain Ngoma

There's few people in the Oslo art scene who don't know him. Even less who he hasn't helped at some point.
To accompany his solo exhibition Walkabout at Khartoum Contemporary Art Center the 24th of August we talk about his upbringing in Zambia, how he started doing art and how that lead him to Norway.

Germain Ngoma
At Khartoum Contemporary Art Center, Oslo
From the 24th to the 27th of August 2017
Vernisage thursday the 24th at 19:00
currated by Frido Evers

One of the descriptions of this word catches Ngoma's attitude towards his art very well:
1 : a short period of wandering bush life engaged in by an Australian aborigine as an occasional interruption
of regular work —often used in the phrase go walkabout (merriam-webster.com)
In Germain's case I would formulate it as a nonchalant stroll with a light spiritual undertone. With this attitude
he seems to go walkabout: observing and collecting.
It is no surprise that his works often are created out of a collections of occasional objects which have lost their
value. Discarded packing materials, off-cuts from other projects. The remnants of actions one encounters on
such a stroll, such as the markings of skateboards on a wall. The spiritual part is when he assembles these
objects and frames these markings. Not to illustrate a point or to point out some social or political agenda too
much but to give them back their autonomy.
Born in Zimbabwe and raised in Zambia and trained as a foundry technician before leaving Zambia to study
art in Oslo. Germain Ngoma has exhibited widely and continues an experimental practice in many different
media. His contribution to the Norwegian art scene is far beyond his exhibition activities. He is considered
teacher and mentor to many students that have passed through the Academy of Art in Oslo. Ngoma was
instrumental in establishing Norad funded workshops that have resulted in Zambian MA students studying in
Oslo and establishing a strong European cultural network.

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024 Ruben Steinum

For all you Art lovers, makers, collectors, haters, brokers, curators, investors, infiltrators now that the summer has reached its peak it's maybe time to get back into the harsh reality.

Here is a new podcast, this time with the mover and shaker and artist Ruben Steinum.

We discus the new publication he was part off: Å leve av kunsten (to live of art) Which gives a small insight into the brutal reality of us visual artist.

He is the chair of the board at UKS (the young artist society) and he is also on the board of Norske Billedkunstnerne (NBK).

He is one of the founders of an app called Atelier, which provides a platform to give art lovers direct access to the studios and the gems that they contain.

He calls himself a pop-artist in our talk.

The main thing that came through though is that he has a sincere wish to improve the lives of all us visual artists in Norway.









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023 Khartoum Contemporary Art Center

I talked to Karin Erixon and Fadlabi about and in their recently openened
gallery and bar in the heart of Oslo.
It's called Khartoum Contemporary Art Center.

We only had time for a short talk since the place had to be opened up shortly after,
but it should be enough so you can find your way.


Here is the text from their facebook

The Middle East is a dynamic and shifting region, moulded by changing historical, social and political realities. And so is Africa. It's not a geographical entity. One could ask: is there any shared history or future that unite Africans other than their colonial history? Do those who were displaced because of slavery still belong to Africa? Is Africa a real place or is it just a goal, a utopia of some sort.

The investigation of the histories and arts of those regions is actually an investigation of the arts and histories of the world.
Khartoum Contemporary Art Centre (KCAC) is a conceptual art initiative founded by Fadlabi and Karin Erixon with focus on contemporary art and new media. The center was meant to be located in Khartoum, a city that was always a meeting point between Africa and the middle east since the day it was founded by Ibrahim Pasha of the Ottoman empire in 1821. The city with its African roots in the kingdom of Nubia and Kush and it’s Arabic and Islamic culture was always a fertile soil for identity crises and political conflicts and influences from both pan Arabs and Pan Africanists simultaneously. It’s a bridge between the two and a border at the same time. A wall that separates them and a window for both to look into each other.
For now, our center is based in Oslo, Bernt Ankers gt 17. A cultural center in exile, waiting for democracy and working to make it happen.
The main goal of KCAC is to motivate and develop discursive projects that stem from Africa and the Middle East. Bridging the gap between them and the rest of the globe. KCAC gardens a new understanding for arts in Africa and the middle east in relation to all aspects of our present life and cultures.
The center aims to help Sudanese artists to get in touch with their peers in neighboring countries, help African artists to learn more about the arts in the Middle East and vise versa and it is a platform for the arts from both regions in Oslo.

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022 AC/CA panel talk (part 2)

This is the main talk that accompanied the exhibition Merete Mortensen and me organized at the National Academy of the Arts in Oslo. It was held on the 20th of October 2016. In this talk we are exploring the role of the artist as curator or the curator as the artist.
From LA we had Paul Paiement and Carl Berg participating. Max Presneill unfortunately couldn't make it to the talk.
From Oslo we had invited Jan Christensen, Ragnhild Aamås and Hanan Benammar.
Our moderator was Rike Frank.
It helps to listen to the first part (http://fridoshow.com/podcast/021-acca-first-talk-part-1) befor you start on this one.

(Artist Curator / Curator Artist)
Jan Christensen, Ragnhild Aamås, Hanan Benammar
Paul Paiement, Carl Berg, Max Presneill
Exhibition opening and panel talk 20thof October 2016 at 18:00
Galleri 1, KHiO - National Academy of the Arts
Curated by the artists in collaboration with Merete Mortensen.
Organized by Frido Evers. Panel talk moderator: Rike Frank.
_____________________Exhibition open 21st-23rd of October 12:00-16:00______________________
'The other of the artist as curator is not the curator as artist, nor is the other of the curator as artist, the artist as
curator, in fact the other of the artist as curator is the curator […] adversely the other of the curator as artist is, the
artist.' Ruth Noack, 2012
'A history of the artist as curator remains to be fully written.' Elena Filipovic, 2016
Welcome to the opening of the exhibition AC/CA, which is accompanied by a panel talk where we'll be exploring
the role of the artist-curator and the variety within the contemporary curatorial field. We have invited six artistcurators
- three of them from USA with a focus on Los Angeles and three of them from Norway with a focus on
Oslo - to curate a two-parts exhibition, and share some thoughts with us on the subject and their own practices,
set in two very different art scenes.
THE EXHIBITION has an experimental approach and will show two separately curated parts: one from the Norwegian
based artist-curators and one from the US based artist-curators. By placing them in two groups and challenging them
to curate each exhibition together, whether they choose to show their own work or not, the project plays on the
unclear roles within the curatorial field. This will be a chance to experience how different kinds of artist-curators
from the respective locale choose to curate together: what kind of dynamic will emerge when all the artists in the
exhibition are functioning as curators as well? How will the two exhibitions differ and can that be traced back to their
respective art scenes?
THE PANEL TALK takes a look at whether the role of the artist-curator differs in the art scene of Oslo compared to the
one in Los Angeles. We'll be focussing on topics regarding the still developing roles of the artist as curator, and also
the curator as artist, such as: how and why the artist takes on the role of the curator, how curators and artists
increasingly are overlapping and imitating each other's positions, how the artist as curator historically has opened up
for the exhibition to become a medium of its own, and different strategies and practices within this field. Our aim is
to find new questions as much as answers, and coming closer to mapping out the current positions of the artist as
curator and the curator as artist.

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