024 Ruben Steinum

For all you Art lovers, makers, collectors, haters, brokers, curators, investors, infiltrators now that the summer has reached its peak it's maybe time to get back into the harsh reality.

Here is a new podcast, this time with the mover and shaker and artist Ruben Steinum.

We discus the new publication he was part off: Å leve av kunsten (to live of art) Which gives a small insight into the brutal reality of us visual artist.

He is the chair of the board at UKS (the young artist society) and he is also on the board of Norske Billedkunstnerne (NBK).

He is one of the founders of an app called Atelier, which provides a platform to give art lovers direct access to the studios and the gems that they contain.

He calls himself a pop-artist in our talk.

The main thing that came through though is that he has a sincere wish to improve the lives of all us visual artists in Norway.









Written by The Frido Show on Wednesday June 28, 2017
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