019 Tori Wrånes

Tori did me the honor coming by the studio to do a talk.  We even made some music! Other than that we talked art, about her busy international schedule, about cranes and crane operators and having a wild will.

Written by The Frido Show on Thursday May 5, 2016
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017 MAGO - Charlotte Kjell Maria Merete

Merete Mortensen, Kjell, Maria Veie, Charlotte Rousseau and me sit down to talk about the projects that opens on the 26th of June 2015 at MAGO at Eidsvoll Verk.
Charlotte as an artist in residence is curating a show called - How far is here
Aiko Tezuka will show the - Lessons for Restoration
And I am working on Pavilion K.
So we talk practical stuff and the general madness that comes with exhibitions.




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010 Eric D. Clark

For his intermezzo at Gallery Demon's Mouth in Oslo Eric assembled a collection of music by composers who are known predominantly for their work as visual artists. These records (in the form of limited vinyl along with one off cd's and dvd's) represent a contemporary snapshot of a long tradition of visual artists engaging in music production. Some have consciously chosen to build second careers while others have found their creative output bleeding into the realms of sound and music.

On a grey sunday afternoon we sat down for a long conversation about mostly music and curriously enough getting lost in a toilet.

Check out his music on https://soundcloud.com/eric-d-clark/

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007 Jack Bangerter

Just before Christmas I managed to get a talk scheduled with the esteemed Jack Bangerter.
We studied together at the art academy in Oslo so it was nice to catch up after all these years.
Check out his work on jackbangerter.net/

Written by The Frido Show on Tuesday December 10, 2013
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